Yearly Events

Yearly Schedule: Programme Date
1 New Year Service

January 1st Yearly Morning

2 Youth Sport Day

January 1st Afternoon

3 New Year covenant Service

January 1st Evening

4 City Mission Family Meeting

January 26th

5 Ash Wednesday

47 Days before the Easter Festivel

6 Cunvention Meeting

Lent Days Saturday & Sunday

7 Command Thursday

Before Good Friday

8 Good Friday

Before Easter

9 Easter Day

After Good Friday

10 Sunday School Annual day

April Last Sunday

11 Vocational Bible school (VBS) commencement

May 1-10

12 Youth Anniversary

May last week

13 Commencement of Sunday school

June 1st week

14 Musical Night Programme

before feast day

15 Feast day

July 25th

16 Youth Movement Camp


17 Sunday school Teachers Retreat


18 Independence day celebration

August 15th

19 IMS & GMS Sales

September First Week

20 Mission Sunday (missionary visit)

September Last week

21 Harvest Festival

October 1st Sunday

22 All Saints day

November 1

23 Choir Sunday

November 1st Sunday

24 Youth Sunday

November 2nd Sunday

25 Christmas Carol

December 1st Sunday

26 Bible Quiz Competition

December 1st week

27 Christmas Rounds

December 5-20

28 Sunday School Christmas Carol

December 2nd Sunday

29 Youth Girls Christmas Tree Program

December 2nd Sunday

30 Church Christmas Carol

December 3rd Sunday

31 Women's Fellowship Christmas Tree Program

December 3rd Sunday

32 Church dedication service

December 23rd

33 Christmas Service

December 25th

34 Glad Tidings of Joy

December 25th

35 Old Year Service

December 31st