Youth Boys

About Youth Fellowship

          "For you have been my hopes, O Sovereign LORD, my confidence since my youth." Psalm 71:5 (NIV)

          The Youth Fellowship is a very active group of young people who meet every Sunday at 9:00 am. The fellowship's main purpose is to allow our young people to spend time learning more about Christ and exploring how to bring about Universal and Christian values of kindness, compassion, honesty, integrity and respect into our every day interactions with society. We hope to see this fellowship deepening their relationship with our Savior, and also helping them to develop an active role in the mission of our Church. We do this through Bible studies, Group Activities, and Praise & Worship sessions. The fellowship also holds other events specifically for youth members including picnics, camps and other interesting and fun activities.

           The Youth movement plays a great role in developing the future leaders of the church and the nation. The members actively participate in the Sunday service and special occasions. The first Sunday of November is observed as youth Sunday.

          The youth fellowship of St.James church commences every year's activities on the month of June. A general body meeting is held on that day in church premises and elect the new committee members and secretary for the year. This is intended to develop the leadership qualities of the youngsters of the church.

          Artistic programs like solo singing, Drama, Choreography, Fusion dance and Group songs are conducted in rural areas to develop and enhance the creativity talents of the members of the Tooveypuram Youth Fellowship. Every year on the week of May a one day youth retreat is conducted for all the youngsters of the city. This event is organised by the Youth fellowship of St.James church.

          Members of the youth fellowship actively participate in all the Church activities. Every Saturday we have prayer fellowships in our Church to strengthen our spiritual life. Youth movement members conduct house prayers on every Sunday evenings. Also youth meeting is conducted on all Sundays. During these meetings debates and talks on various topics are organized. All the committee members meet on the every first Sundays of each month to plan that month's activities. As part of Christmas celebrations the Youth movement visit houses of all the church members singing Christmas carols and thus spreading the Christmas message.

          This year the Youth movement is planning to conduct a set of activities such as blood donation camps, hand written magazines, career guidance program. Also Youth movement is planning to make the church campus an eco friendly place by planting more tree saplings.

          We start with listening, caring and just being there for the young people. Tooveypuram Youth Fellowship is committed to be an arm of the Church, reaching out to the youth where the Church often cannot go, and returning the result of its evangelism and discipleship to the local Church.

          India, with a population of over one billion, has over 500 million young people. Today's youth are ruined by crime, violence, drugs abuse, alcohol and broken families. We believe that a relationship with Jesus Christ and His power alone can make a difference in their lives.

        The Tooveypuram Youth Fellowship mission is accomplished through specialized outreach ministries in the major youth arenas such as schools, colleges, neighborhoods' and institutions.


Tooveypuram Youth Fellowship (TYF)